Pierogi.. with nutella!!

So, Nat really wanted to make pierogi after seeing recipes for them on various food blogs, I received the recipe from my grandma and we started cooking!
For some of the pierogi, we filled them with raw leftover burger meat from our barbeque the night before, some with frozen veg and served them with Oxo gravy… Polish meets English! It wasn’t too bad!
But enough about the savoury.. we wanted a sweet filling, but with the lack of fruit we instead used nutella! Unfortunately 1 of them split, but the rest were okay; infact the nutella on the inside melted only slightly and so when you put them in your mouth they nutella that spilt out is best described as ‘a velvet truffle’ that just leaves you saying ‘MMMM’.. incredible. Oh, and the dumpling itself was also quite good ;).
Ingredients needed:
Sifted Plain Flour (2.5 cups) in a bowl with:

-Warm water (3/4 cup)
-Oil (2 tbsp)
-Egg (1)

For the boiling water:



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